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Global Synergy Holding

Global Synergy Holding is a partner consortium with its own ecosystem, blockchain platform and mobile application

Purchasing experience is a source for emotions: going to the movies, buying new clothes, having delicious food in a restaurant, visiting a cool barber, buying a high-quality fuel, taking exciting trips and much more.

GSH invites you to make daily shopping your new business!

Use the company's unique app to receive bonuses every time you or your friends make purchases.

Make money in a crisis from anywhere in the world and help other people become part of the GSH community!

Full transparency of transactions thanks to blockchain

GSH returns user trust to online services with bonuses and referral system

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Are you tired of projects without a real benefit?
Do you like to be in control of the process?
Do you want to have more free time?
Do you value guarantees?
Do you strive for leadership?
Are you looking for a project with a big mission?
Are you thinking about the future?

Developed GSH ecosystem with products and services for the successful development of startups and businesses, wide opportunities for partners and consumers

Track your business performance with GSH indicators powered by AI*,
Artificial intelligence

Use GSH tools to automate your business!

The transparency of operations on the GSH platform is guaranteed by blockchain technology.

Get ahead of the market with cutting edge technology!

Help change lives of thousands of new users!

Become a part of the global GSH team around the world and succeed!

Global Synergy Holding

Global Synergy Holding Technologies Global Synergy Holding


Unlimited flow of new customers.


Working with a reliable and reputable platform.


Turnkey solutions for business scaling.


Transparent, advanced code from IBM.


Communication automation through chat bots and automated webinars.


An ever-evolving smart ecosystem.


Blockchain and artificial intelligence.








Time for digital money, digital technology and real people!

We look forward to seeing the following people on the GSH team:


MLM leaders

Blockchain evangelists

Cryptocurrency holders


Anyone who wants to make money with digital technology

Entrepreneurs use GSH resources for:

Integrating their business into the blockchain industry

Scaling and increasing brand recognition

Partnerships and collaborations with well-known companies

Interactions with the international crypto community

Saving money on creating their own platform

Using analytical indicators of business performance

Leaders at GSH get the following opportunities:

Build their own business on a functional platform

Effectively manage structures using technological indicators

Control every transaction with the help of blockchain

Have guaranteed payments and confidence in the integrity of the project

Use advanced technologies - CRM, landing pages, analytics

Work with the industry’s most prestigious business plan

At GSH, anyone can do the following:

Have unlimited income

Build their own international business

Use innovative technologies available even for beginners

Market a tech blockchain hub for startups and operating companies

Participate in exclusive promotions

Receive expensive gifts from the company

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Product benefits

Blockchain ensures transparency and reliability of transactions

Global scaling of any business project

New customers and partners anywhere in the world

Sales growth using the marketplace

Launch and support of promising startups

Profitable partnership program

Leaders motivation, recognition and encouragement system

Guaranteed referral payments

Global Synergy Holding Global Synergy Holding Global Synergy Holding
Your access to the digital world and blockchain!

GSH is your opportunity to start playing immediately in the big leagues!

Create passive income

Proportional distribution of GSH profit

Secure your future

Independent business partnership under the auspices of the GSH platform

Automate processes

GSH's unique digital business scalability toolkit

Live bright!

Participation in company memorable summits, conferences, events

Get recognized for your work

Gifts, promotions, traveling at the expense of the GSH Special Fund

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Global Synergy Holding

7 reasons for GSH leadership:

Technological and convenient virtual tools to successfully develop the structure

Integrated learning platform

Career plan step-by-step

Transparency of any operations, transactions and payments thanks to the blockchain

Global Synergy Holding perfect compensation plan

Affordable promotions for GSH leaders

Bonuses and gifts for achievements

User services on the platform:

24/7 support chat

Automatic learning system

Quick start knowledge baseа

Built-in automated sales funnels for high-quality traffic

Toolkit for automated audience interaction

See how GSH products work!

GSH Presentation
Global Synergy Holding
GSH Presentation
Global Synergy Holding

Global Synergy Holding

GSH blockchain platform release

Q3 2020

Release of the internal business management system for all users

Q3 2020

Implementation of the built-in system of investment indicators based on AI

Q4 2020

Release of automated traffic distribution system based on GSH platform

Q4 2020

Startup accelerator release

Q4 2020

Integrated marketplace release

Q1-Q2 2021

The first large-scale online conference of GSH leaders from around the world

Q1 2021

Start of the GSH platform start-up project management system

Q1 2021

GSH platform partnership expansion up to 1000+ real business cases