This is an advanced blockchain platform that allows to successfully develop promising startups and technology companies thanks to a special ecosystem and its own investment pool formed by the platform users. Transparency and guarantees to fulfill all the terms of cooperation with each partner are ensured by the IBM functional blockchain.

During the historical transition of financial assets to the digital economy, we want to help private users, entrepreneurs and investors get the opportunity to create and increase their capital thanks to the common synergy of all platform participants.

Technological effectiveness, 100% orientation of the company's management to the success of the platform users, a progressive affiliate program, a high-margin business, reliability and security of your assets thanks to the blockchain.

Advanced IBM blockchain with an expanded feature set, artificial intelligence.

Check out our presentation and select the affiliate package that suits you.

The GSH ecosystem includes its own blockchain platform for fast and reliable transactions, an investment program for private investors, an accelerator for startups, a chatbot and traffic auto-distribution system, an integrated business management indicator system, an innovative marketplace, a share management system and other related products and services.

Transparency, honesty, decency. The mission of our team is to restore people's trust in investment projects using blockchain.

The platform works on the principle of equal partnership with investors. With the help of the accelerator, startups receive the necessary financing, and all the platform’s operating profit is distributed among its participants in proportion to their packages.

Our multi-level referral program is based on the idea of "I use - I recommend - I help - I earn." Start with any package more about cooperation packages here, share it with friends and like-minded people, create a team of partners and move up the career ladder, building up momentum and achievements.

Of course! The platform’s development strategy and programs are designed in such a way that all its participants could fulfill their potential: startup owners, investors, and entrepreneurs involved in promoting our services. We have also developed a special platform for your effective training.

Yes! The platform will present an innovative marketplace in the first quarter of 2021. It will be a convenient platform for electronic commerce with a mobile application and advanced technologies (blockchain, AI and others). Platform users will be able to use the internal tokens and referral bonuses in order to quickly and safely buy or sell any goods and services.